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About DesignWorks Creative

DesignWorks Creative office building at 109 S 4th Street, Boise, ID

If your business is ready to take it to the next level, we can get you there.

DesignWorks Creative, Inc. is long recognized as one of the Boise area’s top graphic design firms. Established over 40 years ago, DesignWorks Creative is known for its professional approach, creative thinking, innovative designs, and ability to work within tight budgets and time frames.

We excel in all areas of graphic design, from branding programs, business collateral materials, packaging and labels, to print and digital advertising and web sites.

Our top priority is to help our clients communicate clearly and connect with their audiences. We have the experience, creativity, and design skills to meet your objectives—and position you for success.

Our Graphic Designers

Kelly Mitchell

32 Years of Experience

Ruth Fritz

Senior Designer
33 Years of Experience

Nelson Pfister

Senior Designer
17 Years of Experience

Amaura Mitchell

Designer & Web Specialist
6 Years of Experience

Our Specializations

Sockeye Brewing cans, logo and box design

BrandingView Featured Project Sockeye Brewing »

More than just a logo, name, or symbol, branding encompasses every interaction a customer has with your company and products. Every interaction influences their impression of your business, and that impression, simply put, is your brand. All interactions from your product design, packaging and logo, to your customer service and advertising should be sending a thought-out, cohesive message to your customers. This is where we can help. DWC can partner with your company to help you craft your brand message. We can help guide you in your advertising, packaging, logo and website—always reflecting and reinforcing your brand message.